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Finally I am starting this blog!  I created it about a month ago, before we moved into our new house, and then was quickly swept away by the long list of “to-do” items to make our home, well, ours.  I’m not sure who I will share this blog with yet… for now, I’ll just let it sit here and share with friends on an individual basis, as well as whomever happens to come across it online.  I could spend this post writing about myself, but there’s an “about me” section that’s already there for that, and I really started the blog when I was in the process of packing, because I struggled with that a bit.  So, here’s to an inaugural blog post all about packing for your move!

This most recent move was my second move as a married woman.  The first one was from a duplex in our college town to a rental house in Greenville, and this time was into our first home.  I learned a lot after both moves, and I’ll share what really helped and didn’t seem to help much.

Things that were very helpful for us:

1) PLAN AHEAD!  Start packing several weeks in advance, at least.  The second go round, we started packing about 3 weeks before the moving date, and that was perfect.  I’d pack a few boxes a night, and could still spend time with my husband or just relaxing and watching TV.

2) Label boxes largely and clearly.  This made a huge difference in our second move, since we had a crew of friends helping us move.  I labeled which room the box should go in, whether or not it was fragile/heavy, and what was in the box.  I know lots of people spend TONS of time writing every little thing that is in the box, but we were very general and didn’t have any major issues finding things after we were moved in.  We were also moving ourselves and didn’t need to consider how trustworthy a moving crew was, so your situation may be different.

3) Pack the fragile things early.  This is what really made packing for our first move difficult for me.  I packed the fragile things last (ahem… the day before the move), and by the time I was done I hated bubble wrap with a passion.  Once you’re married and actually have nice, breakable things that were wedding gifts, it’s much more time consuming to pack your dishes and kitchenware.  Lesson learned there. Pace yourself with the breakable stuff!

4) Don’t overpack boxes.  I have a tendency to try and use EVERY nook and cranny in a box.  It’s the engineer in me.  When you’re moving, that’s not necessarily the best approach.  Heavy boxes aren’t good for 2 reasons: 1) you may not be able to lift it  2) the cardboard can tear and all of the things in your box can go spewing all over the place.  Be ok with using lots of balled up newspaper and packaging supplies to fill empty space in boxes!  I was very intentional about this the second time we moved and was SO glad that I had done that.

5) Resist the urge to throw things haphazardly into boxes the day before the move because you’re rushed.  Try to keep some type of organization going throughout the entire process of packing.  You’ll be thankful you did.

6) Try to put everything in boxes.  There will always be at least a few things that are just too awkward to put in a box, but if at all possible, box it.  It makes it much easier to load and unload your moving van.

7) Pack the small things into the moving van first, then large things/furniture last.  The bigger stuff will hold the smaller things in place when you’re in transit, and you can also get your furniture placed correctly in your new home before you fill each room with boxes.  This way, you’re not having to move boxes around so that you can fit your furniture into each room.

8) Have someone be a “director” for the unloading process.  I was the lucky one who got this job when we moved a month ago :)  That person should be one who can tell everyone where to go with what furniture as they exit the truck with something in tow.  This made unloading super-efficient for us.  It took 8 people (none experienced movers) under an hour to have EVERYTHING out of the truck and into our new house. Not bad!

Do you have any recommendations for the moving process?  Though we aren’t planning to move again anytime soon (if ever again), I’d love to hear them!


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