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So today, my husband came by my desk and explained a circumstance that we’ve been dealing with lately and I am so unbelievably proud about how he handled it.

We have some friends who we’ve known for some time now, and we have lately been very concerned about how they are doing spiritually.  We “go” to the same church (I use quotations because we haven’t seen them there in at least 3 months), but their actions and lethargy about attending church and plugging into our community have been signs we’ve interpreted to be that they are losing touch with their God, their savior, their friend.  They rarely think of others before themselves and don’t seem to want to make friends in this amazing city.  They aren’t serving in any way we are aware of, and they don’t seem to be being poured into either.

My husband was the best man in their wedding several months ago, and since then we haven’t seen them but once or twice in passing.  We have desperately hoped for them that they would be rejuvenated by the Lord and want to participate in the incredible power of Christian community, but that just doesn’t seem to be happening.

My husband is closer to the guy in the pair I’m speaking of, and he’s been texting him regularly to make sure they are doing all right and trying to encourage them to engage in their community.  Today, Daniel realized that this person had been giving him exactly the same answers every time he texted him about things, and it was a turning point.

Up until now, we’ve tried to love them by being nice despite the elephant in the room.  Not anymore.  Daniel told him that we KNOW they haven’t been going to church and we KNOW that they aren’t being poured into nor are they pouring out God’s love onto others.  Daniel told him that we are absolutely here for them, but that his attempts to keep his friend accountable have been met with apathy and putting on a facade.  Daniel will not continue to act like a father and pester him about how they are doing and where they are getting involved.

Sometimes, loving other people doesn’t mean being nice to them.  Sometimes it means telling them what they need to hear, regardless of whether or not they want to hear it.  Jesus set this example clearly in the new testament and His movement was so clear to me as Daniel was telling me about his conversation this morning.

Lord, I love my husband and the courage and strength he showed in a simple action of refusing to say what his friend wanted to hear, and instead spoke YOUR words of truth.  Thank you for using our family in your plan and for making it such a blessing to me today! Amen.


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