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Simple Joys

Do any of you have dogs?  Have you ever noticed how the simplest things can make them so, so happy?

We have 2 dogs, Riley (black lab, girl, 2 years old) and Charley (coonhound, boy, 1 year old), and the things that make them so happy are so simple compared to the craziness that we request daily for entertainment or happiness.

For instance:

1) Charley’s nylabone – he LOVES that thing to death.  In fact, if you set it out in the middle of the floor and he sees it, it’s like a brand new toy EVERY time.  He’ll run over and pounce on it, shooting it across our hardwood floors, then grab it and prance around proudly for a few minutes before heading underneath the kitchen table to gnaw on it for a while. So predictable, but still so cute.

2) The couch upstairs.  Our upstairs couch is the old one that the dogs are allowed on.  Riley adores it and I’m pretty sure that she spends ALL day there when we are gone at work.  She wags her tail like crazy when either I or the hubby head up there to watch TV because she gets to be with us and on her beloved couch.

3) A nice soft doggy bed.  We got a new one for Charley recently and his happiness with it is so obvious you can’t help but smile every time you see him snuggled up on his new bed.  An added bonus is that it makes him smell like cedar chips instead of dirt.  SCORE!

(excuse the poor quality, I had to use my phone to take this pic!)

4) Sunbathing.  Both of our dogs love this.  The sun on your skin does feel just wonderful, I agree.  But, with both of the doggies being black, you’d think that their love of the sun would cease a little bit in the summer – but no.  They’ll go out in the backyard and bake (panting the whole time) for as long as they can stand before they come inside for some relief.  This may be an instinctual thing (?) but baffling none the less.

I love our puppies.  They put things into perspective for us and though they are a bit wild and crazy, we love their simple, pure joy.


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